Dear Jieun,
I have to say that I’m doing quite well now – all the possibilities don’t overwhelm me, veggies and fruit retain my priority.

And here is my summary of the reset program. With some intro because I wasn’t very enthusiastic about reducing items from my everyday food/drink routine:

First of all I thought I was doing well – my food was decent if not good. I could swear that my diet contained veggies and a planned amount of protein. But Jieun looked at my blood results and said that a catastrophe is coming! I didn’t believe in my imminent end but during the interview I realised that not everything was so good with me and as the catastrophe was still possible to avoid (with changing eating strategy and habits) I decided to give it a try.

It started with changing proportions on my plate. And for the first time I felt like a vegetarian (which I have been for 15 years or so) because for the first time I saw the right amount of veggies and fruit I was supposed to eat. Quitting coffee seemed impossible to me yet I did it quite easily. After 2 weeks positive changes in my body appeared. But it wasn’t the happy end. Hard times came to me and proper diet lost its priority. To fix what I have done to myself I needed something more intense. Hence the 9 days reset program. It is easier than one may think. It doesn’t feel like 9 days – rather like 3 sets of 3 days because on the 1st day you’re interested in the set of fruit and veggies and thinking how you can prepare a meal out of it. On the 2nd day you’re more experienced and you can master your meals or at least fix mistakes from day one. And the 3rd day is the last one!

My main takeaways from this programs are:

  • I wasn’t hungry
  • It turned previous additions to a main course (for instance green beans) into the main course
  • Simple dishes are easy to prepare (for example chopped raw cauliflower, avocado and blueberries) and will make you full
  • There is no mess in the kitchen because you clean everything just with water
  • It’s cheap! Even if you buy 6 cauliflowers at once
  • Whatever you think is impossible probably is not
  • Sharing pictures of food and receiving feedback helps stay on track and fix potential mistakes (like eating not enough for instance)
  • I believe that this program has more chance to be successful because it is tailored to you – you do eat products that heal you, not some average people

None of my activities have been affected by this diet, I could do everything like earlier but since my belly became softer and smaller, any movement got easier.

The program wasn’t hard and I benefited from it very soon. Now I’m eating in new and better ways, but it will be my plan B in case of harder times.

Ms L (50 years old)

Dear Jieun, I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the valuable insights and new perspective you have provided during our discussions and guided nutrition. The knowledge and understanding I gained from our conversations have been truly enlightening and transformative. Your expertise and passion for nutrition have opened my eyes to the importance of making informed dietary choices and adopting a holistic approach to wellness. The depth of your knowledge and your ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner have truly impressed me.

Through our discussions, I have gained a new perspective on nutrition, recognising the impact it has on overall health and well-being. Your guidance and recommendations have helped me understand the significance of incorporating a balanced diet, considering various food groups, portion sizes, and the role of essential nutrients. I am especially grateful for your emphasis on individualised approaches to nutrition, taking into account personal preferences, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle factors. This personalised approach has empowered me to make informed choices that suit my unique needs and goals. I like the holistic approach you provide me, it is a completely different approach in comparison to other nutritionists. The daily follow up and encouragement to keep up the program for 9 consecutive days were a good demonstration and proof of the concepts that being mindful of food choices can improve my body.

Ms P (47 years old)

Jieun was wonderful to start with from start to finish. I have an autoimmune disease, and I knew there were some foods that were triggering my body, but I wasn’t sure how or why. I felt comfortable to ask any and all questions along the ways. I highly recommend Jieun for all your nutritional needs. I left feeling educated and empowered to fuel my body.

Ms S (37 years old)

Weight loss is not my ultimate goal but a good motivating factor to change my diet. Jieun is strict – but I like boundaries – and she combines it with encouragement and cheerleading. She is science and evidence driven, and I look forward to continuing our consultations.

Ms W (39 years old)